Abb's Inn          Gilbert, WV                                         
The ATV Friendly Town                            
Hatfield McCoy trail permits are
sold at several businesses
throughout town.  Park your
vehicle(s) and ride your quad a
mile or so to the
Larry Joe
Harless Community Center .  
While there, check out the
movie theater, Olympic size
indoor swimming pool, gym,
playground, etc.  You do not
have to be a member to use the
state-of-the-art facility; day
are available.
    Once your have your H/M trail permit, (see left box), you're ready to roll.  In less than 5
    minutes you can ride your quad or bike straight to the Hatfield/McCoy Trail system!  
    Actually, you can ride your ATV anywhere in the movies, out to restaurants
    or to any of the businesses in town.  

    Talk about convenience...within 1/2 to 1 mile, there are two gas stations, several
    churches, two pharmacies, restaurants and fast food restaurants, a grocery store, a
    motor sports place and a liquor store.
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 Abb's Inn                   Gilbert, WV              The ATV Friendly Town                            
Abb's Inn
Clean & comfortable
efficiencies with two
double beds or one king.  
TV, mini-fridge, drip
coffee maker &
microwave in each unit.  
Abb's Inn is located next
door to a car wash,
important after a long
ride on the trails, &
across the street from
Billie Ann's Restaurant
(also important after a
long ride if the chef is too
tired to cook!)   Rooms
are  non- smoking & no